The 2018 Author Interview Series Featuring Tina Frisco

It’s time for the next subject for my 2018 author interview series. Author interviews are posted every Friday throughout the year.

I am honored to continue this series with California author and blogger Tina Frisco.

You can catch up with all of my past author interviews (nearly 200) on my Author Directory page.

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Now, please enjoy this interview with Tina Frisco:

Tina 4aDo you try more to be original or to deliver to readers what they want?

I aim to do both, because both are needed for books to sell. But I won’t compromise originality, so at times it becomes a bit of a juggling act. I write because I enjoy it and am compelled to so. Writing is my life’s blood. And like most writers, I want to engage and communicate with others. In order to reach people, my writing must be both original and magnetic.

If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?

Pay attention. Observe what moves people and learn how to reach them where they are. Take your passion for writing and gingerly weave its message through the prevailing consciousness. People will turn a deaf ear to shouting, but they will strain to hear a whisper.

What’s your favorite under-appreciated novel?

woman chiefWoman Chief by Rose Sobol. It’s the true story of a woman who became chief of the Crow Indians by refusing the traditional duties of women and by outperforming her male counterparts.

Do you read your book reviews? How do you deal with bad or good ones?

I confess that I’m not one to scrutinize my books’ reviews; not because I don’t care, but because I forget to do so! I have a note taped to my computer screen to remind me to check them. I post the good reviews to my blog. If a bad review is cogent and well-written, I pay attention to anything that might help improve my writing. If it has nothing to offer, I ignore it – that is, after the initial “OMG” reaction ☺

Do you hide any secrets in your books that only a few people will find?

No. I publish books not only to entertain, but also to inject messages into our collective consciousness. I’m an activist and a healer. Humankind is teetering on the brink of self-annihilation. I’m loath to be complacent about this. Novels entertain and are a great vehicle for learning. As I write, I learn. And my hope is that my readers will, too.

Do you Google yourself?

I did this once, about a year ago, when someone else asked me that question. I was shocked by the number of menu pages that came up. So I entered the names of several author friends, and the result was the same. It made me wonder if I should have used a pseudonym for everything I did online. But that’s a moot question. The pros and cons seem to balance out. One thing is for certain: There’s no such thing as flying under the radar when you’re a published author!

What is your favorite childhood book?

peter rabbitThe Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter. I love all of her books – the storylines, and especially the exquisite illustrations. As a child, I would imagine myself a character in the stories. I didn’t know it at the time, but her conservationist ideal subtly and profoundly affected me.

If you had to do something differently as a child or teenager to become a better writer as an adult, what would you do?

I’d pursue perfecting my craft in every way available to me, as well as exploring avenues that seemed out of reach. My family was not well-off, and opportunities for its children were very limited. Had I known how to use the library’s reference section to my advantage, I’d have researched grants and scholarships for higher education in the field of writing.

How long on average does it take you to write a book?

About three months of solid writing and research. And like most authors, I’m sure, this is much preferred to marketing and promoting the finished product!

Thank you so much, Don, for featuring me on your blog and for all the support you give to fellow authors.

About Tina:

Tina Frisco is an author, singer-songwriter, RN, activist, and student of shamanism. Born in Pennsylvania USA, she attended nursing school in New York and lives in California. She began writing as a young child and received her first guitar at age 14, which launched her passion for music and songwriting. She has performed publicly in many different venues. Her publishing history includes book reviews; essays; articles in the field of medicine; her début novel, Plateau; her children’s book, Gabby and the Quads; and her latest novel, Vampyrie. She enjoys writing, reading, music, dancing, arts and crafts, exploring nature, and frequently getting lost in working crossword puzzles.

Connect with Tina:

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Tina’s Books:


V Cover PKCS

VAMPYRIE: Origin of the Vampire 

What if vampires were not the undead, but rather the dying? What if there were two factions among vampires: the sustained and the unsustainable? And what if those factions were at war with one another over the life of a young woman who promised them a future? VAMPYRIE brings the myth of the vampire into the realm of possibility.


Is there any hope for humankind? Will love prevail over fear? A young tribal female is unaware she holds the answers to these questions. W’Hyani was born strong and willful and the Keeper of the Crystal Heart. Her mettle is tested by the cosmic forces that shaped her destiny. She comes face-to-face with fear in a battle that would shrink the will of the most daring warrior. The fate of all beings in the Universe depends on her defeating the bloodthirsty gondrah and unlocking the mystery of the Great Mosaic of Life.


Gabby and the Quads

Gabby is an only child who is about to become big sister to quadruplets! How will she handle this? Her parents decide on a unique approach to introduce her to and help her accept this awesome experience. Follow Gabby as she learns all about babies and the joy of loving.

110 thoughts on “The 2018 Author Interview Series Featuring Tina Frisco

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  2. Wonderful interview, Tina! So nice to learn more about you, and this forum Don has provided us with is an excellent way to do that. For instance, I see you wear a lot of hats! I had no idea you were a singer-songwriter, though I’m sure it was an oversight on my part. Vampyrie is on my TBR stack, and I am optimistic enough to believe I will get to it soon! 😀 Sharing this!

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  4. Thank you for this wonderful series, Don, for featuring me as a guest author, and for your lovely comments. I appreciate your commitment to promoting fellow authors, and I admire the amount of work you share on a daily basis. Wishing you many blessings and great success with your writing, my friend ❤️

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  5. Outstanding interview, Tina–Sharing the post and highlighting your sage advice advice, “Pay attention. Observe what moves people and learn how to reach them where they are. Take your passion for writing and gingerly weave its message through the prevailing consciousness. People will turn a deaf ear to shouting, but they will strain to hear a whisper.” KUDOS! ❤

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  6. Nice to see you here Tina! Your answers are so different…you don’t hide any secrets in your books, not bothered by the reviews, write to entertain…you seem to be so saintly! Your advice to your younger self is also so prudent! I admire you all the more dear friend. 🙂
    Thanks to Don for highlighting fellow bloggers and authors.

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  8. Fun to read about Tina here, and to know her better by the answers to your questions, Don. TIna, I love your answer about whether you hide secrets in your books. In truth, you do the opposite by telling a story, and by doing so sending light through a collective consciousness. xo

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  9. Tina, this is a lovely interview with Don, a cosy informal chat-feel to it and it’s great to learn more about you! I too loved Peter Rabbit and still have some of the books I pestered my mother for birthday and Christmas presents, they are all so precious to me. I loved Don’s question about the most under appreciated book and am taken with Woman Chief and am noting this down as one to read! Finally great advice about writing and that ‘People will turn a deaf ear to shouting, but they will strain to hear a whisper.’ So true … here’s to us all sending out whisperings of wisdom! Hugs, my friend xx

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  10. So nice to see Tina here and learn a little more about this wonderful writer, blogger, and person. I was unsurprised by most of Tina’s answers, particularly because she is so “cohesive” in her being. 🙂 I totally see her worldview and consciousness reflected in her stories. Great interview, Don and Tina. ❤

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