How To Survive Being Stalked By Fictional Characters #MondayBlogs #Writing #WritersLife

Check out this entertaining post from the Blond Write More blog on how to survive being stalked by fictional characters

Lucy Mitchell

Have you ever finished a story, thanked your cast of fictional characters for their work, wished them well for their future projects, walked away from the story…only to find one or a few characters refuse to leave you alone for WEEKS / MONTHS / YEARS afterwards?

Have you ever had a new character appear in your mind and whilst you spend quality time trying to figure out what the hell to do with them, they set up camp inside your head, watch your every move like a hawk, whisper stuff to you whilst you are busy doing non-writing things and basically stalk you?

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3 thoughts on “How To Survive Being Stalked By Fictional Characters #MondayBlogs #Writing #WritersLife

  1. If one can make a character come alive in such a manner, well, the writing must be grand indeed. Thank you for sharing BlondWriteMore’s experience. I am not stalked by my characters, but they are so real in my imagination, that they do come to mind, often. Thank you for sharing!

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      • Don, thank you for commenting! I have had the same experience – a third of what I supposedly have written, I don’t remember writing when it comes to certain characters that have a strong presence. It is news to me. A little shocking and scary. However, I like what they have written, most often. Karen 🙂

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