Want an excellent way to sell your books?

Check out this helpful post from Jean’s Writing blog with an excellent way to sell your book.

Jean's Writing

Earlier in the week, I discussed the need to prepare for your first book signing event, but there are other ways to sell a signed copy of your book.

How about autographed, signed copies direct from your website?

That’s right. You can offer signed copies of your book to readers. This is something I hadn’t thought of until I read an article sent to me, from Janice Hardy written by J. Kathleen Cheney, @jkcheney . 

The biggest question I have now is…

Do people care about signed copies of children books?

I’m not sure. So, I haven’t set up a retail page yet. But, I wouldn’t hesitate to sell a signed copy if it was requested. Hint, hint.

Another thing that has held me back from setting up an online store, is time. Time away from writing. I don’t want anything else to take my attention from, blogging, and writing…

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