How I Built a Blog About Writing Before I Became a Writer

Check out this great post from the Novelty Revisions blog on how Meg Dowell built a blog about writing before becoming a writer.

Meg Dowell Writes

When I was 16, I started a blog about writing.

I did this because Meg Cabot had a blog and I really wanted one, too. I wanted to create a space to talk about what it was like to be an aspiring writer — even though I’d only published one (anonymous) essay in a magazine, and nothing beyond that.

Many people would have held back, worrying they couldn’t start such a project because they didn’t have enough “authority” on the subject to do so.

I said, “Forget that,” and did it anyway.

And that’s where my journey as a writer truly began.

Since then, I’ve somehow built something people really resonate with. I write about things writers are thinking about, and we have a good time (at least, I do).

I started out not really knowing much. And now I know a lot more.

I started a blog as a…

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