How Should You Promote & Market Your Book Each Day?

Check out this helpful post from the How to eBook blog with tips on how you should promote your book each day.

How To Ebook

If you could dedicate an hour a day to promoting and marketing your book, what would you do?

If you only had 10 minutes a day to push your book, how would you make use of your time efficiently?

No matter how much time you can give to sell and publicize your book, you’ll need to make several decisions, including answers to the following questions:

  • Exactly how much time can I carve out daily for this?
  • Do I have a budget to play with?
  • Which areas should I prioritize when it comes to sales:  bookstores, libraries, organizations or other opportunities?
  • Which areas should I focus on when it comes to the news media:  radio, television, print or online?
  • How should I zero in on social media:  blogging, podcasting, networking?
    Which platforms should I use, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Pinterest or Instagram?
  • Will I seek out speaking engagements?

As you can see, there…

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