Things I Worry About the Most As a Writer

Check out this thought-provoking post from the Novelty Revisions with 5 thoughts on things to worry about most as a writer

Meg Dowell Writes

Here’s a secret that’s probably surprising to none of you: I worry about stuff.

Yes, I write about writing a lot. I have been a writer myself for over half my life. People pay me to arrange words on pages and turn them into stories and it’s a pretty good deal.

But there are still — STILL — things about being a writer that terrify and overwhelm me on a daily basis.

Like, do we (writers) really have total job security when robots take over? And, is the Oxford comma debate really detrimental to our profession? Stuff like that.

But trust me, I worry about some of the same things you do, too. Things like project management, and money, and how to know when a good idea is good enough to pursue.

Welcome to my brain. These are my top (but not even all) anxieties about writing.

Wearing many hats. 

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