Check out some of the activities that my good friend, Nick Davis, has going on with his writing and art from this post on his blog.


Since I last posted in the blog. I was busy over the winter, finishing and promoting my last book, the second part of the Bargo Lynden series, Wizards and Warlocks. It’s already been an active year for sales. as I have attended three comic cons within my area already.

I will be attending the Oz Extravaganza in Chittenango in June, as well as the Fingerlakes Comic Con, and hope to do a big one here in Syracuse at Destiny, USA in July.  In August, I’ll be attending various fairs and comic cons in the area, and September I’ll be in October. I hope to end the year with a 2 day Massachusetts show, and 1 at the War Memorial.

I’ve had to change my strategy this year, trying to attend shows that pertain more to my craft of science fiction and fantasy. I also have been approached several times about…

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