Creating a Character – From the Maltese Tiger Blog

Do you know what one of my greatest challenges as a writer is? Creating good, believable characters. When I began my writing journey, creating characters seemed simple enough. Make up a name- with me it was usually something stupid like “Deacon Devlin”- tell the reader what this person looks like- He had dark hair, and… uh… dark eyes– and then start shoving words into their mouth.

Oh, how stupid I was… and still am, most days.

You and I both know that there’s a lot more to writing good characters. All “Deacon Devlins” aside, there’s a certain nuance to creating a believable, identifiable character. Think about it, you’re creating a brand new person from whole cloth. You’re charged with constructing their personality, designing their style and look, developing their motivation. That’s a pretty daunting task, and that’s before considering how that one character will fit into the arch of a completed story.

Bottom line, good character’s are hard to write. But, not impossible. Nothing is impossible. So, let’s, you and I, brainstorm for a minute. Let’s attempt to answer the question:

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