There’s a Major Downside to Advancing In Your Career As a Writer

Check out another great post from the Novelty Revisions blog. This one is on the topic of a major downside to advancing in your career as a writer.

Meg Dowell Writes

When you start out as a writer, you quickly realize you’re responsible for a lot more than just writing.

You also have to market your own stuff. And before that, you have to take/find your own pictures. Add your own metadata to things. Make your blog look nice. Try to understand SEO even though only God knows how Reader X found your old posts from 2015.

You not only learn to do it all … you kind of learn to LOVE doing it all.

I mean, most of the time.

Which is why climbing up the mostly unpredictable ladder that is Writing For A Living can catch you off guard. It did for me. I sprinted into my first staff writing job ready to be the woman of many talents I’d trained to be, only to have everything but my writing responsibilities handed off to … OTHER PEOPLE.



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