Writing Excellence #AdminProfessionalsDay

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Hello SErs! Happy Wednesday. Harmony here 🙂 … Well, not quite … I’m away until May 2nd, which I’ll tell you about at the bottom of this post. Right now, I’m just pretending to be here!  🙂

In America, today is Administrative Professional’s Day. The vision of the IAAP (International Association of Administrative Professionals) is: ‘to inspire and equip all administrative professionals to attain excellence’. For me, this also translates well into writing life and attaining excellence in what we write.

As a new author, I had so much to learn, and what a steep learning curve that was. One of the saddest things I can see these days is a review that trashes a book and goes on to say something like, ‘With an indie book, what can you expect?’ etc., etc., ad infinitum.

This annoys me on so many levels. And while some self-published writers do put out…

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