World Building: Houses and Homes

Check out this great post on the topic of world building houses and homes from the Uninspired Writers blog

Uninspired Writers

Good morning writers and world builders. I hope you’ve all had a fantastic week.

I wanted to spend some time this week focusing on world building, as I continue to work on my novel writing and piecing my story together. I’ve spoken a little about world building before, with blog posts on how to choose the perfect setting and advice on city settings in particular.

Today, I’m going to speak about the importance of houses and homes in your story. The concept of ‘home’ fascinates me. It means so many things to different people, and that’s why working out where or what your characters call home is so important. I hope some of the discussion below will give you something to think about.

The difference between house and home
When you ask people where they call home you’ll receive a multitude of answers. Some will give you their current address…

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