…aren’t top Literary Agents and Big Five Publishers imaginary species?…

Check out this thought-provoking post from Seumas Gallacher’s blog on the possibility that top literary agents and big five publishers are imaginary species.

Seumas Gallacher

…this ol’ Scots Jurassic scribbler has long since realized that any complaining or whining from me, about anything, seldom achieves positive results… and that fact pertains especially to my publishing aspirations… over the past ten years, I’ve experienced the sum’time exhilarating, sum’time depressing, pendulum familiar to many authors… when my first wee literary baby came hot onto Auntie Amazon Kindle, I savoured the high that came with a successful first book sales volume… that tome reached #3 on Amazon (all titles) at the time… subsequent titles were equally well received… from a novice self-publisher, I graduated into having an excellent, small, hybrid publisher, but amicably parted company with them after a year, as the sales were not to my expectations, dropping to levels well below those that my own marketing and promotional activities generated… in between then and now, I’ve also dabbled with a freelance agent, but equally friendly severance…

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2 thoughts on “…aren’t top Literary Agents and Big Five Publishers imaginary species?…

  1. I wondered, when I had to describe my platform in order to submit to an agent, why I shouldn’t simply head off on my own now that I have detailed a sort of marketing plan already. Self-publish or represented, both ways there is work to do… why share the proceeds, I wondered…
    We will see how things go.

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    • There are a lot of reasons to self-publish. Either way, it is a lot of work to market and establish a platform. Self-publishing adds the tasks of editing, formatting and cover design. There are valid reasons for having those things under your control and outsourcing them to experts.

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