Step Away From Your Keyboard

Check out this insightful post from the Novelty Revisions blog on the potential value of stepping away from your keyboard

Meg Dowell Writes

So I’m trying this new thing where, on Sundays, I don’t do any writing. Or any work, for that matter.

I started doing it originally because my hands and wrists were bothering me one week (something you never really want to happen to you, being a writer) and I figured I needed to give them a decent break.

I really, really liked doing it that one time. So I tried it again. And I liked it even more.

The “day of rest” concept is nothing new in general (I mean, God allegedly did it first). But it’s new to me. I am not good at taking breaks, and have this habit of working nonstop for about six months and then crashing and burning for about a week straight before starting the cycle over again.

Hence, sad hands.

I’m trying to do better.

But I was extremely nervous at first. As…

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