11 Things You Can Do Today to Change Your Writing Life Forever

Check out this thought-provoking post from the Novelty Revisions blog with 11 things you can do today to change your writing life forever

Novelty Revisions

1. Write something you never have to show to anyone else. Keep it short (for now).

2. Pitch yourself (or something you wrote) to a total stranger — preferably someone in a position to potentially agree to work with you.

3. Spend some time reading the type of work you want to publish someday. Even just an hour.

4. Read a few stories about how successful writers got their starts. Maybe something they did might be able to work for you, too.

5. Spend some time writing. It doesn’t matter what, where, or how. Just make it happen.

6. Open that document you’ve let collect dust on your hard drive. Just open it.

7. Maybe once you open it, you could start rereading some of it. Just a few paragraphs.

8. Or, you could TRY starting up again where you left off, even if it’s rough.

9. Make a list…

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