The Endless Writing Retreat We’ll Never Get

Check out this thought-provoking post from the Novelty Revisions blog on an author’s expectations of an endless writing retreat

Meg Dowell Writes

When I was younger, I used to picture what I figured being a writer must have been like. I imagined being able to sit in a big room in my house, in complete silence, totally immersed in a story from sunrise until sunset. Just nonstop writing all the time. The dream life.

It’s so strange to me, thinking back to that, realizing there was a point in time when I really did believe all writers had to do was write all day, every day. No stress. No distractions. Just storytelling. Freedom. Bliss.

It’s not that writing, as an adult, is terrible. It’s the coolest job in the world.

But it’s very hard to comprehend, as a non-adult, that while many people are in fact lucky enough to get to write as their day job, thy don’t get to “just write.” It’s not a write all day, party all night kind…

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