A Beginner’s Guide to Rocking Amazon Ads using Amazon Marketing Services

Check out this helpful post from the How to eBook blog with a beginners guide to rocking Amazon Ads using Amazon Marketing Services

How To Ebook


If you’ve spent any time on the Amazon website, you’ve no doubt seen the via the Amazon Marketing Services the “Sponsored Products” and “Product Display ads.” The Amazon Marketing Services for authors (also called AMS)  is a fabulous opportunity to gain more visibility for your books. And if you plan it right, the Amazon ad system can really help to expand the reach of your book so you can gain more readers!

In terms of Amazon ad system preferences, my nod goes to the sponsored products, for reasons I’ll explain in the video below. One of the things I’m hoping that Amazon will change soon is that the Amazon ad system is currently only open to indie authors. I think this is a shame because every author could benefit from…

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