55 English Grammar Rules from Derek Haines

Check out this extremely helpful post from Plaisted Publishing House with 55 English grammar rules.

Plaisted Publishing

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55 English Grammar Rules To Help You Write Better 

27th March 2018

55 Funny Grammar Rules

Learning English grammar rules is easier than you think, and fun.

Here is a little light grammar relief for you. Perhaps it will be a good way to waste ten minutes of your day, or to encourage you to extend your morning coffee break.

The following list of 55 English grammar rules and writing hints was originally published on my personal blog many, many years ago. But as these rules remain useful to use as a quick refresher, I thought I would move the list here for Just Publishing Advice readers to enjoy.

Unlike a lot of grammar advice, you will not find any mention of a part of speech, the preterite, linking verbs, tense shift, proper nouns or the indefinite or definite article.

I have to…

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