14 Terrifying Writing Obstacles That Never Really Get Easier to Beat

Check out this post from the Novelty Revisions blog on the 14 terrifying writing obstacles that never really get easier to beat.

Novelty Revisions

1. Figuring out the best way to respond when people ask you what you “do.”

2. Making time to write when life gets stupid.

3. Outlining the entirety of your writing experience to promote your worth.

4. Finishing what you start, even though new ideas are always trying to lure you away.

5. Deciding which important project is “most important” at the moment.

6. Pitching your ideas to strangers (and/or people you really want to impress).

7. Talking through your ideas, hoping some of them aren’t total garbage once you say them out loud.

8. Query letters.

9. Receiving negative — and positive — feedback.

10. Writing things you know your friends/family will judge you for.

11. Saying yes to The Project. You know the one.

12. Giving it your all knowing you could fail.

13. Taking big chances even though you might get rejected.

14. Finally succeeding — and…

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