The Only Writer You Have to Compete Against Is Yourself

Check out this inspiring post from the Novelty Revisions blog that reminds us that the only writer you have to compete against is yourself

Meg Dowell Writes

It’s great to be competitive. Unless you’re trying to compete with another writer.

Trust me … I’m as competitive as they come. Not much good comes from continuing down that road.

A little healthy competition never hurt anyone, I suppose.

But, like many other writing-related things, if you let it stop you from writing the things you want to write — or at all — it becomes a problem in serious need of solving.

We dive into the writing game with high expectations and role models so far along the path we’re trying to make our way down that we often lose all sense of where we are right here, right now. We start comparing our endeavors to what we THINK we should be doing at the present moment — when in reality, there’s no rule that says it must be so.

I remember being in college and finding out…

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