Changing Up Your Writing Routine Could Solve Your Biggest Creative Problem

Check out this helpful post from the Novelty Revisions blog on how changing up your writing routine could solve your biggest creative problem.

Meg Dowell

By now, you have your writing routine down (when you stick to it, that is).

You know — or at least think you know — when you’re at your best or most creative. Your most productive writing days and times work … usually. So you see no reason to break from your Saturday morning or Wednesday evening or Monday mid-afternoon routine.

Except … you’re starting to really question whether or not it’s actually working for you.

You’re starting to dread your writing time. Not because you don’t want to write or because you’re bored with your current project, but because you’ve been following the same schedule for too long. And it’s starting to negatively effect your ability to get your work done.

There’s nothing wrong with routines. In fact, one of the first things I recommend to new writers is establishing a writing routine they can stick to in the…

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