World Building; Tips for City Settings

Check out this post from the Uninspired Writers blog with world building tips for city settings.

Uninspired Writers

Good morning star gazers and story tellers!

I hope you have all had a productive (or at least, enjoyable!) week. I have mostly been working and studying, but am pleased to have edited a few chapters of my WIP (work in progress). I have also had a bit of a break through on the plot for my second novel, so I am feeling rather inspired!

This morning, I’d like to talk through some tips for ‘City Settings’ when writing a novel. My current WIP is set in London, UK, so of course this huge, bustling city is where I spend most of my time; in my mind, memory and imagination at least. I do try to visit as often as I can, and have spoken before about the importance of visiting your novel’s location. 

For those of you who are working on stories with city settings, be they real or…

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