Clearing a Logjam

Check out this insightful post from the Story Empire blog on clearing the logjam that can build up and hinder your writing.

Story Empire

Last year included several changes for me as a writer which were unusually challenging. A work-force reduction caught me flat-footed and out of the job. Meanwhile, The Bow of Destiny was doing very well, having attracted some contract offers and even gotten me the attention of my agent. However, it became very apparent that one book was not nearly enough to sustain me as a full-time writer. Even after publishing the next two books over the course of 2017, I realized that the amount of content was still not enough for me as a full-time writer.

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I made some adjustments to what I was doing and even began building a freelance clientele to help make money as a full-time writer. Then, life changed again and I went back to work on a contract. This change was shocking to my system…

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