Short Story Sunday 205: Inside

Check out the short story, Inside, from this post on Rachel Poli’s blog.

Rachel Poli

Short Story: "Inside" | Flash Fiction | Creative Writing |

            Gwen pulled into her driveway slowly. She hit the brakes and when the car came to a complete stop at the top of the way, she put it in its park position. She shut off the engine and held tightly onto the keys while staring out the windshield.

She had just driven home from work in a torrential rain storm and the rain was really beating down hard on the car.

Gwen watched as the water slammed against her windows, streams flowing down. It didn’t even look like rain. There were no drops, it looked as though someone had taken a bucket of water and was continuously dumping it on her car.

When she had left for work that morning, the weather said it was going to be hot and sunny all day long. And it was, right up until she got into her car to drive home. She…

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