Author Inspiration and This Week’s Writing Links

Check out these helpful writing links from this post on Staci Troilo’s blog

Staci Troilo

I’m telling you, the days and weeks are flying faster and faster. We’re almost a Palm Sunday, then Easter. I need a time machine.

Anyway, this week’s inspiration…

Characters, not caricatures.

This one spoke to me, and I’ll admit I’m not much of a Hemingway fan.

I do, however, write character-driven novels. And I strive to make all my people individual, all their voices unique. They all have their own quirks, their own doubts, their own flaws. They each have different strengths and different desires.

Lately I’ve been dabbling in the thriller genre, which is typically plot-driven. I still feel like I’m writing character-centric stories, though. They’re just faster than the others.

I used to worry about all my people sounding the same, all my stories following the same plot. That got in my head because one of my earliest reviews was by someone who said she loved the story but wouldn’t read…

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