Finding Inspiration at The Beach

Check out this helpful post from the Uninspired Writers blog on finding inspiration at the beach

Uninspired Writers

Morning all! I hope you’ve all had a brilliant week.

This week, I was lucky enough to take the coast with my fiancé, for his birthday. I have always loved being by the sea, and here in Bournemouth, UK we both had a wonderful time.

file (2)

Of course, the seaside can be an incredibly inspiring place and so it seemed only right to come home and add to my ‘Finding Inspiration’ series. I have previously discussed finding inspiration in travel, in history and in places in general, and I hope that this post will offer more insight into finding inspiration in every place you go!

Take a look at the following ways you can find novel writing inspiration at the beach:

1. Nostalgia and childhood memories
For many people, a visit to the beach brings up feelings of nostalgia and fond childhood memories of family holidays. This makes the seaside…

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