3 Questions to Ask Yourself If You’re Not Sure You’re Working on the Right Writing Project

Here is a great post from the Novelty Revisions blog with 3 questions to ask yourself if you’re not sure you’re working on the right writing project

Meg Dowell Writes

Are you doing this right?

Are you making the best use of your time?

Is this first draft even worth the effort?

Should you be working on something else?

I know these worries creep into your mind without warning or hesitation. It happens to all of us. We always want to know we’re sitting down to write something that, months or even years from now, will actually have been worth it.

Sometimes, you have to rely on your own feelings to figure out if you’re writing in the right direction — or need to move on to a story that’s more worth your effort.

These are the things you should actually ask yourself if you’re ever doubting your writing time is being well-spent. Be honest with yourself. Sometimes, it’s time to let go. Sometimes, it’s time to shut out the doubtful feelings and get back to writing.

How do you…

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