How to Make Time for Reading, Writing, Tweeting … and Everything Else

Check out this post from the Novelty revisions blog on how to make time for reading, writing, tweeting and everything else

Meg Dowell Writes

A long time ago, writers had one job: writing.

Yes, at some point, there was some networking involved. Knocking on doors, begging publishers to sample their typewritten manuscripts, and all that.

Now, especially for new aspiring writers, things feel a lot more overwhelming.

Before social media, unless you hung out with other writers on a regular basis, you didn’t necessarily always know what others in your industry — sometimes, your competitors, so to speak — were doing. At least, not nearly as much, or as easily, as you might now.

You just focused on getting your own work published while trying to keep up with what others before you had already published — the one thing you desperately wanted to do.

I’m not going to get into how networking and marketing in the book world went down in those days, but it’s definitely different now, being so connected to every…

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