Check out this thought-provoking post from my friend, Nick Davis’s blog on The Peak of Consciousness and it’s relationship with technology.


What would it mean to you to be free of death, pain, or suffering? What would it mean to live forever in an android’s body; part human, but mostly mechanical?  It is the basis of several stories in science fiction, and may someday be reality, but is it really possible, and should we do such a thing in the first place?

The brain is comprised of 85 billion individual neurons, and 10,000 axons and dendrites. These biological transmitters and receivers send electromagnetic signals, which jump from the axon of one neuron to the dendrite of another. Scientists believe that the essence of who we are; our memories, emotions, and personalities lies within these patterns. They also believe that the brain is similar to a computer, and the process of neurons similar to a binary code.

In April 2013, President Obama unveiled the BRAIN initiative, which allowed research on brain cells…

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