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Amazon’s Self-Publishing Service A Target for Fraudsters


Authors using Amazon’s self-publishing service have more on their minds than selling books: Reports have surfaced that some have become the target of cybercriminals.

Brian Krebs of KrebsOnSecurity explained how the thieves have stolen authors’ identities and used them to launder money: Hackers upload fake but expensive paperback titles (one was sold for a whopping $555 per copy) to the stolen authors’ accounts on Amazon’s CreateSpace service. The cybercriminals then “buy” dozens of books, transferring funds to bank accounts. Authors usually receive 60 percent of a book’s list price.

Patrick Reames is one of the authors who have been scammed. He received a 1099 tax form from Amazon stating that he had made $24,000 last year. After some research, Reames discovered that someone else had published a book filled with gibberish called “Lower Days Ahead” under his name and account.

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Amazon Kindle’s Createspace self-publishing arm being exploited in money laundering scam

Amazon Kindle's Createspace self-publishing arm being exploited in money laundering scam

Cyber criminals are impersonating people on Amazon and publishing e-books in their name as part of a money laundering scam – with the victim of identity theft stiffed with a large tax bill on the profits from the sale of products they never sold.

That’s according to investigative journalist Brian Krebs, reporting on the case of Patrick Reames.

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IBPA Develops Standards for Hybrid Publishers

As hybrid publishing becomes a bigger part of the publishing business, the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) has developed a nine-point list of criteria defining what it means to be a reputable hybrid publisher.

The goal of developing the guidelines is to “help hybrid publishers build better businesses based on clear and consistent best practices,” said Maggie Langrick, CEO and publisher at LifeTree Media Ltd., and member of the IBPA advocacy committee.

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