The Top Myths Of Self Publishing – From The Uncensored Writer Blog

While I’ve been writing about publishing a lot lately, I feel like there is still one last thing that needs to be addressed before I wrap up my thoughts on the whole thing.

When you say the words “indie author” or “Self-Published author” to someone, you can almost see the judgemental preconceived notions flash across their eyes. It isn’t their fault though. We’re all human, and we all have our own set of beliefs that informs the way we view the world. It’s not as much our own fault as it is the circumstances that shaped us as people.

The only things we can do to combat these negative judgements are to give the facts and to point out the myths. I feel like I’ve adequately done the former, but what about the latter?

Today’s post will focus on all the myths around Self-Publishing and just how ridiculous some of them are.

Let’s jump straight in!

via The Top Myths Of Self Publishing

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