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Creating Characters: Physical Traits

I have been thinking a lot about my characters this week; appreciating their quirks and, as I continue to edit my novel, fine tuning their traits. I am going to post a series of ‘creating characters’ posts over the next few months, and I have decided to start with physical traits first.

Physical traits include so much more than just the hair and eye colours of various characters in the story, and sometimes their physical traits can tell you plenty about their personalities. Here are some things to think about:

1. General traits (hair, eyes, build etc…)
I mentioned above that physical traits involve so much more than hair and eyes, but that doesn’t mean that these things aren’t important. Take Harry Potter, and the regular reference to his eyes being the same as his mothers. This link is always so important to him having a connection to his parents, and then made even more emotional during Snape’s final moments. Choosing the right hair style and colour, eye colour and physical build of a character could be really important to the story. Or it could simply be important to their personality. Even if these traits don’t impact your story in any way, you still need to consider them to build a picture of your character inside of your head.

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