Choosing the perfect setting for your novel

Check out this post from the Uninspired Writer’s blog on choosing the perfect setting for your novel.

Uninspired Writers

Morning writers!

Over the course of my blog I have spoken a few times about location and setting. I discussed reasons to visit the place where your novel is set, and I spoke about finding inspiration in various different places.

Today, I’d like to discuss those first steps, that first decision when it comes to location. Choosing the perfect setting for your novel is not as simple as picking a place you love, or your home town and assuming that it is going to work for the story you’re trying to tell. So, I’d like to throw out some ideas on ways to choose the right setting for your story.

1. Do you need to invent your novel’s setting?
I put this as the first point because of course, for many writers, they will invent a location and that makes choosing the setting a very different experience. Pros…

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