Keep Your Head Down, Do As You’re Told — Until You No Longer Have To

Check out this great post from the Novelty Revisions blog on the topic of doing what your told as a writer until you no longer have to

Meg Dowell Writes

22 months.

That is how long I lasted as a freelance “content creator.”

It was a worthwhile, necessary experience.

The day it ended, I cried tears of joy.

For the final 7 months of my freelancing career, I was also balancing my first full-time job as a writer. And I very quickly discovered the vast differences between writing on behalf of a client and belonging to a team of writers dedicated to the company they are a part of.

Suddenly, I was given a clear set of expectations and guidelines to follow. I was allowed to experiment (within reason) and blend creativity with good, informative writing. I worked under a manager who was trained to not only teach me the most effective way to do my job, but also to help me capitalize on my strengths while constructively addressing my weaknesses.

Seemingly all at once, it hit me that I’d…

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