It’s a Good Story — But Do You Really Want to Write It?

Check out this great post from the Novelty Revisions blog on whether or not you want to write that ‘good story’.

Meg Dowell Writes

Pitching is a large part of my day job. It’s a skill you start learning early on in your career and continue to develop the more time you spend writing for a living.

Sometimes, I come up with really good ideas. Story headlines I know will perform well on our website. Subjects that will grab attention without deception (the best kinds of stories, really).

But I don’t always end up writing those stories.

Sometimes, I pass those ideas on to other writers on my team, who I know would really enjoy writing about a particular topic — more than I would, at least.

Sometimes, I just never end up writing them. They sit in my assignment queue for a few weeks and then I move them over to my “review later” tab in case they ever become relevant again.

When you accidentally come up with a new story idea —…

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