What Makes a Story Memorable?

Check out this helpful post from the Novelty Revisions blog on what makes a story memorable.

Meg Dowell Writes

Every writer wants to write something unlike anything a reader has held in their hands before.

Is it possible? Yes. But seeking originality alone isn’t the key to success here. It’s learning how to write good stories that people remember. That they talk about in discussion groups and on online forums after the fact. That they recommend to others, again and again, because they want so desperately to talk through its main events with someone they know.

How does one write a story like this?

Obviously, memorable stories are well-written, well thought-out, informative, and entertaining all at once. But there are other elements these works also have in common. Don’t forget them.

Relatable characters and events

You’d think that something like a Star Wars novel — pure fiction, set in a galaxy we will never know — wouldn’t be relatable at all. What does the average Earth reader have in…

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