A Travel PSA for World Trekkers

Check out this post from Stephen Dennstedt’s blog with some important info for world travelers

Expat Journal: Postcards from the Edge

Stephen F. Dennstedt

A Public Service Announcement for world trekkers. It does absolutely no good to piss & moan about things when you travel and any (temporary) relief you feel in doing so is an illusion. Staying spontaneous, flexible and in the flow is a better solution.

However, sometimes a little education goes a long way. When I started writing this blog seven years ago (2011) I promised myself that I would try to keep it honest, positive (for the most part) and hopefully somewhat interesting.

Brother Joel and I have been on the road for six years now and we’ve experienced some stuff in that time. Some good, some bad and some neutral. For one thing trekking (backpacking) is a much different form of travel than group tours and five-star all-inclusive resorts. Trekking for the most part is for the budget minded adventure traveller (young or old makes no…

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