Publishing Tip — 1

Check out this publishing tip from this post on Anna Dobritt’s blog.

Anna Dobritt -- Author


Many of us write, keeping in mind that we want to eventually publish our work. However, too many new authors jump into the publishing game without looking before they leap. While you are still working on your masterpiece, take time to do some research.  To insure you  deal with a good publisher, especially small ones, the first site you should check out is Preditors & Editors. After that, select several small publishers that publish your genre. Check out the books published by them and, if possible, contact the authors who published with them to get their opinion on their experience. Avoid Vanity Press Publishers at all costs. If you really want to see your work in print, use CreateSpace at Amazon, or a POD (Print on Demand) like Lulu. Remember, the search engine is your best friends as a writer. Use it.

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