Coming Soon: Password

Check out the new book from Staci Troilo, Password, coming soon (January 22nd). You can get the details from this post on her blog.

Staci Troilo

Well, well, well. Look who finally has a couple of ducks in a row and is offering a pre-order on a book. You won’t believe it, but it’s me!

Next time I’ll try to have even more of a lead-in, but this time I’m working with a few days. Anyway, drumroll, please…


PasswordPassword is the first novel in the new Nightforce Security series, a spinoff of the Medici Protectorate series. In this installment, we’ll follow Danny Caruso. He made his debut in Mind Control and reappeared in Tortured Soul (coming soon). Not to let the Brothers out-do him, he insisted on his own body of work.

And here it is.

(Password is categorized in the romance and thriller genres.)


Some passwords protect more than just secrets.

Danny Caruso was glad to be back in the United States, back to his regular job. Back to his…

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