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Creating an Anti-Hero – From The Maltese Tiger blog

Creating an Anti-Hero

This week I want to talk about anti-heroes.

In this morally ambiguous time, it’s no longer popular to write about classic heroes who are purely good and righteous. I mean, where’s the fun in that? Gone are the days of swashbucklers like Ivanhoe and Robin Hood. Even the most recent incarnation of Superman has a gritty, brooding veneer.

However, you may be wondering…

What is an anti-hero?

An anti-hero is a protagonist who is flawed, but in a way that the reader can still sympathize with the character.

There are plenty of examples from modern fiction like Wolverine of the X-Men or John McClane in Die Hard. But anti-heroes are nothing new.

The classics are chock-full of anti-heroes like Scarlett O’Hara and Philip Marlowe. Even Shakespeare wrote intriguing anti-heroes like Othello and Hamlet.

So, you’re probably asking, “How do write a great anti-hero?

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18 thoughts on “Creating an Anti-Hero – From The Maltese Tiger blog

      • My pleasure! Thank you. An avid reader, philosophy, politics, history, biograpy… I am new to this genre. Recently a friend handed me The Milinium Trilogy and then started me on the Inspector Montalbano series by Camilleri and my poor bookshelves are groaning. 🙂

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      • Whatever works for you. Alas, I have been addicted since I was three and am extremely tactile. I seem to get a fix when I pick up a paperback that someone else has enjoyed. Fortunately, there is a monthly British Book Exchange in the area where one can trade off what they have read. I leave more than I take but it works and the purge of my shelves is a little less painful knowing that someone else may enjoy them.

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