It’s Time to Set Your Creative Genie Free

Here is a great post from Stephen Dennstedt on setting your creative genie free from this blog

Expat Journal: Postcards from the Edge

Stephen F. Dennstedt

It’s time to set your creative genie free. He’s probably been in his lamp way too long as it is. You’re not creative? Horse-pucky. Everyone is creative to some extent, maybe you just haven’t found your method of expression yet.

Arne Dietrich says there are 4 Types of Creativity with different corresponding brain activities. Think of it like a creative matrix. See illustration (a) below. We usually think of creativity as an artistic expression but he says no.

So what I said earlier about everyone being creative is true—you just have to find and appreciate your own particular form of creative expression and quit denying or suspecting its authenticity. Or quit allowing others to question and challenge your form of creative expression. Once you discover your creative mojo you can set your creative genie free to do his magic. And make no mistake about it—creativity is…

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