Creating a Strong Story With Character Arcs

Check out this great post from Joan Hall on the Story Empire blog on the topic of character arcs

Story Empire

A lot of work goes into writing a well-developed novel. Planning, plotting, outlining (even pansters need a general story idea). An author must create interesting characters and settings, write scenes that keep the reader interested… The list goes on.

Writers need to know proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Even when sending to an editor, the cleaner the manuscript, the better. Yes, there is lots of work involved in writing a book. But today, I want to talk (write) about character arcs.

If you want to grip your readers, the main character (or protagonist) should undergo a transformation or inner journey during the story. Make the character believable. None of us are perfect, neither are our characters. If we make them appear that way in the beginning, and nothing changes, readers are likely to feel disappointed. In some cases, they may choose not to finish the book.

Over the holidays, my…

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