Finding Your Ideal Audience: A Step-by-Step Guide

Check out this great post from the How to eBook blog on finding your ideal audience.

How To Ebook

Readers of this site already know the biggest secret in publishing: writing your book is only the start.

It’s an amazing start—you’ve done something most people only dream about!—and it’s essential to creating a career as a writer, but it really is only the beginning.

Once you’ve written the book, you need to find readers for it. And as tough as the writing process may have been, figuring out how to attract, connect with, and convert potential readers into adoring fans can seem intimidating.

Take a deep breath.

We’re here to help.

Finding your ideal reader and turning them into a loyal fan isn’t as hard as you think. It takes some solid research, dedication, persistence, and a willingness to experiment, but once you get the hang of a few simple strategies, it’ll stop being a chore and become part of your daily routine as a working…

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