Introductory Phrases

Check out this post from the Ediket blog on the topic of introductory phrases.

Ediket Blog

“The other day, I met an old friend.” When writing a sentence, sometimes you may wish to set the scene for your statement by using an introductory phrase. In the example above, the phrase “the other day” provides the context for the independent clause that follows. Introductory phrases can come in a range of types — learn more with this article!

Set the Stage

When, where, or with whom did it happen? Introductory phrases can “set the stage” for what you are about to describe. Consider these examples:

Before eating breakfast, I wrote myself a note.
In those days, it was common to write letters.
On the train, I rushed to review my homework.

Each of these examples uses a prepositional phrase in the role of an introductory phrase to explain the background of the following statement. Notice how the introductory phrase is separated from the independent clause with a comma. This…

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