Do you need to add a villain to your story?

Check out this post from Jean’s Writing Blog on whether you need to add a villain to your story.

Jean's Writing

Then you need to understand your villain.

We’ve heard lots about a protagonist’s motivation and character but often times we forget that the villain is just as important.

I don’t know about you but I struggle with making sure I understand my villain’s motives, back-story, and desires.

How do I go about giving the necessary importance to a villain without overshadowing the protagonist?

Well, when I needed this information, a post from Now Novelpopped into my email with all the right answers. There are examples and suggestions to make sure your villain is scary as hell.

What did I learn from this post about bad guys?

  • All villains have a history. Don’t forget to incorporate it into the story.
    • Their backstory explains how they became a villain.
  • Show why the villain has power and influence over the protagonist.
    • Are they scary, intimidating, powerful…
  • Explain how the villain gets away with…

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