My #Bookreview of Dark fiction Home To Roost by @ChaunceyRogers #SundayBlogShare

Check out the book, Home to Roost, by Chauncey Rogers, as featured on the Rosie Amber blog.

Rosie Amber

Home to RoostHome to Roost by Chauncey Rogers
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Home To Roost is a piece of fiction that gets darker the more you read.

To start, there are echoes of the film Chicken Run or even concepts from Babe; cosy, fun concepts, but all this changes the more you read. Brad is a Bantam rooster, adopted as a chick by the farmer’s daughter, and raised in the farmhouse. After a few months, he’s sent to live in the henhouse. Here he must join an established flock with their own leader. Because Brad is small, he is tolerated by Long Tail, the head rooster, but he must also learn to accept and respect the ways of the flock.

Brad’s instincts to protect the flock kick in when several dangers threaten, but Long Tail insists he doesn’t need Brad’s help. Frustrated, Brad secretly plots safety measures. But when…

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