How Morning Pages Are Helping Me Survive Writer’s Block #MondayBlogs #Writers

Check out this great post from the Blonde Write More blog on the value of morning pages as a tool to defeat writer’s blog.

Lucy Mitchell

I always thought Writer’s Block could be cured by simply showing up at your writing desk every day and waiting for the words to appear.

Then I got the worst case of Writer’s Block I have ever experienced.

After six long weeks of sitting at a blank screen each day and feeling like a part of my brain had shut down I started to worry. No matter what I did the words and ideas never showed up.

I tried all sorts of stuff to unblock my mind; forcing myself to write something different, taking a break from writing, throwing myself into my Goodreads challenge, changing my diet, talking to Writer Friends, reviewing my WIP, returning to Yoga, wearing new underwear, taking vitamins, shouting my frustrations from rooftops, screaming into supermarket food freezers (very good for the creative soul), tweeting random stuff and taking cold showers. Nothing.

Then the desperation set in…

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