Here’s Why I Left Freelance Writing

Check out this interesting post from the Novelty Revisions blog on why Meg Dowell quit freelance writing

Meg Dowell Writes

I lasted about 22 months as a paid freelance writer before I finally called it quits.

I think every aspiring writer should freelance, if they’re able, if they want the experience. I’m not here to bash the industry as a whole. There simply came a point where I realized I’d learned and gained everything I was going to learn and gain from seeking out new clients. So I stepped back.

I write in the health sciences and nutrition niche, so my experiences and viewpoints might differ a lot from yours. But I wanted to share the reasons behind my decision to focus on my job, my blog, and my own personal projects instead of earning extra money working with businesses to create content.

I got tired of writing product reviews and sales pages. A common reason why businesses hire freelancers in the health space is to sell their products. That…

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