#AuthorInterview: Rebecca Howie #indieauthor #YA #mystery

Check out this interview with author, Rebecca Howie, as featured on the Books and Such blog.

Books and Such

My guest today is Rebecca Howie, author of the Sam Beckett young adult mystery series.  The first book, The Game Begins, was released in February 2016, and  Rebecca joins us today on her blog tour to promote book two, A Woman Scorned, scheduled for release on December 10th.  Preorder your copy at Amazon!

Returning home days after leaving town wasn’t a decision Sam Beckett made lightly, and the newspaper articles detailing her shooting aren’t making her choice any easier to accept.

When a therapist is found dead in her office, Sam decides to work with CID and Detective Marshall on the case, hoping that the dead woman’s troubles will be enough to help her forget her own. but with Dr Weiss’ perfect image slowly crumbling as the investigation progresses, Sam finds that she isn’t the only person hiding behind a lie, and that uncovering someone else’s could have…

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