This Week in Indie Publishing


More people than ever are self-publishing books on a range of topics—and you can be one of them.

In September 2016, Bowker—the official ISBN Agency (which stands for International Standard Book Number, or the number assigned to every book that is published) for the U.S. and Australia—released statistics showing that 727,125 new ISBNs were issued in 2015.

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art2ESSAY: Self-Publishing, Here I Come!

Mary Rose Shannon cuddled up with her pink stuffed poodle, her thick strawberry blonde hair spilling over her eyelet pillowcase. It had been a marvelous last day of school! Summer vacation stretched out ahead of her. She put a thumb in the book she was reading to save her place, sat up and looked in the mirror. Bright blue eyes, a freckled nose, and a dimpled chin stared back. As she continued to read her book, her eyelids grew heavier with each turned page. Mary Rose looked out the window to watch fireflies fashion a design with pinpoints of light. She thought she heard faint singing in the distance, but before she could focus, sleep overtook her…

First time authors often have a drawer-full of rejection slips — look at J.K. Rawlings. Even if a publishing house accepts the manuscript, it can be a year or two before it is in print. Since I’m now 65, so I’m well aware that I could drop dead tomorrow — and I felt it was important that my book be out in the world.

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Writers Group: What I learned on the path to publishing a novel

“The Humming Blade” is my first novel. It is a Kickstarter-funded, self-published labor of love.

The decision to leave college and become a writer was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, a decision you will never, ever see me regret.

There are a few things about the publishing process, however, that I didn’t know until I was in the thick of it. Allow me to educate you, fair reader, on the joys and sorrows that surround the life of an author.

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art4Goodreads is changing its giveaways program, making it harder for readers to discover indie books

For the last couple years, if an author wanted to promote their new novel, one reliable way would be using Goodreads, a social media site for book lovers, to set up a giveaway contest. Readers could enter the contest with the click of a button, and the author or publisher would be responsible for mailing out the copy when the contest ended. Up until now, the feature has been free to authors and publishers, but today, Goodreads announced that it will begin charging authors and publishers to give away their books. Conversely, the program has become incredibly popular, and the fees will undoubtedly help filter out some of the noise that some authors have complained about.

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art5E-Book Sales Down At Simon & Schuster And Across Industry

E-book revenues are down yet again for the swath of the book publishing landscaped represented by the Association of American Publishers. From January to July of 2017, e-book revenues for those publishers are down 5% over the same period in 2017.

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