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Author Kathleen Jowitt is featured on Indie Author Friday from the Books and Such blog.

Books and Such

Happy Friday!  I love it when the snow starts falling on the blogs – even though it was nearly 70 degrees a couple of days ago.  Welcome today’s indie author, Kathleen Jowitt with her novel, Speak Its Name!

A new year at the University of Stancester, and Lydia Hawkins is trying to balance the demands of her studies with her responsibilities as an officer for the Christian Fellowship. Her mission: to make sure all the Christians in her hall stay on the straight and narrow, and to convert the remaining residents if possible. To pass her second year. And to ensure a certain secret stays very secret indeed.

When she encounters the eccentric, ecumenical student household at 27 Alma Road, Lydia is forced to expand her assumptions about who’s a Christian to include radical Quaker activist Becky, bells-and-smells bus-spotter Peter, and out (bisexual) and proud (Methodist) Colette. As the…

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